Tourist Visa Invitation


What is Tourist Visa Invitation/ Tourist Voucher?

If you want to travel for exploring the scenic beauty and attractions of Russia. First thing you need to do is get a Russian Visa!

Getting a Russian visa is generally an easy process if you follow all visa processing steps. We are here to help you with some of the basic information about its documentation. Lets start here to understand all the basic information. Tourist visa invitation is one of the main document for  getting a Russian visa.

Russian Tourist Visa

Sample Tourist Voucher/ Tourist Visa Invitation

Sample Tourist Voucher/ Tourist Visa Invitation

For every specific visa category, the procedure and limitations are different. Russian tourist visa is usually issued for a 30 days trip.

Along with the basic application and passport, tourist visa invitation is a mandatory requirement for Russian tourist visa. Tourist visa support documents,  tourist visa invitation or tourist voucher, they all refer to the same document.

What is Tourist Visa Invitation?

Tourist visa invitation or tourist voucher is actually an official letter (not like a common invitation card). The letter is issued by an authorized tour company.  It is presented to Russian Government with visa application.

Tourist voucher explains that your Russian host will be accommodating you. And they will support you for complete duration of your stay in their country.  This is a single page document containing information about:

      • Your tour purpose in Russia
      • Your personal details
      • Your passport number
      • Places you have reserved for visits,
      • Your stay period
      • Details of your Russian host
      • Details of your invitation issuing authority in Russia. [spacer]

The formal document for tourist visa invitation presents a complete summary of your travel expeditions to Russian governments. Embassy verifies these details against those provided with your visa application.And then process your visa application.

Sample Tourist Voucher/ Tourist Visa Invitation Sample Tourist Voucher/ Tourist Visa Invitation

How to get your Russian Tourist Visa Invitation?

Government has authorized many travel agents and organizers to help you in arranging your visa invites. These organizers also known as Visa Sponsors .Tour companies usually issue you this document within 24 hours of bookings with them. You can also ask those hotels for this invitation letter where you have made your reservations.


Russian Private Visa Invitation

If you are planning to stay with your Russian friends instead of tourist hotels. Then you need a Private Visa Invite.  Private Visa Invite is issued by government itself. This comes under the category of  Russian home stay visa application. Your Russian host would contact Russian Ministry of Foreign Affair to get this letter for you.


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