Tour client from August group 2019 , 2-8-2019


Hello, My name is Rashid, and this is my first visit to Russia. I have travelled alot of places but, Russia is the most beautiful and worth visiting Country of all.

I would suggest tourists to please come visit Russia as this is most wonderful place with a mixture of culture, architectural beauty, entertainment and amazing weather.

Well this is a wonderful trip which was very well organized. And the people who came across starting from booking till execution are professional helpful and friendly. Out of all companies that I have had experience with, RIBTTES is the best of all. They are very ethical and professional in their field and they know Russia more than anyone.



FARRUKH hussain

i want to travel to russia for turism purpose


Alexander Tonkikh

FARRUKH hussain

Dear Mr. Farrukh Hussain, Thanks for contacting Ribttes. Please send us your query on email Thanks

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