Pulkovo international airport St. Petersburg Russia


Pulkovo international airport St. Petersburg Russia is the  largest airport in Eastern Europe

About Pulkovo airport St. Petersburg

Pulkovo international airport is the state-owned airport. It started its operation on June 24, 1932 Currently, it has the traffic rate of  more than 9,874,941 passengers ( 2014 Statistics) from St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

Being in the second largest city of Russia, Saint Petersburg airport is the third busiest airports in Russia after Moscow Domodedovo Airport. Pulkovo Airport (Аэропорт Пулково ) is termed as LED. The airport serves the North Western side of Russia. Pulkovo Airport is located in the south of main St. Petersburg Center. 70 airlines are operating from this airport, connecting St. Petersburg to 128 cities in the world.

Facilities at  Airport

Pulkovo  is having three main working terminals.

Pulkovo 1

Pulkovo 1 has the size of 43,000 m2. It was before the major terminal of the airport. This terminal is now under major renovation till 2015. It is aimed to serve about 17,000,000 passengers annually for domestic departures and arrivals.

Pulkovo 2

Pulkovo 2 has the size of 25,000 m2. The terminal  is currently serving the government officials

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 was opened on December 3, 2013. Now it’s the main serving terminal for Pulkkovo airport.The terminal has the area of 147,000 m2. It is designed in the style of St. Petersburg city architect. It has the facilities of

  • 400,000 m² airport dock
  • 88 check-in counters
  • 110 passport Control Terminals,
  •  7 baggage carousels
  •  110 parking stands

Terminal 1 of Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg Russia

Terminal 1 of Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg Russia

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