How to Get your Russian Tourist Visa


How to Get your Russian Tourist Visa

Russian government offers lot of support in their visa application process. They issue different types of visa for different visiting plans.  Like

  • Russian Study Visa
  • Russian Tourist Visa
  • Russian Business Visa
  • Russian Home stay Visa
  • Russian Transit Visa

So for planning your trip to Russia, you first need to select the type of visa that best suits your purpose. Then, there are some of the main points that you should know about Russian Visa.

Russian Visa Application Process

Russian embassy takes nearly 10 to 15 working days to process Russian visa application. You can also download the application form from official embassy websites.  They register your details and then process your application upon submission ask.

All you need is your valid passport, filled application form on standardized format and passport size pictures to apply for Russia Visa. Russian embassy or consulate in your country calls you for an interview to discuss the purpose of your visit in their country.

Supporting Documents

Russian tourist visa supporting documents are mandatory documents to complete your Russian visa application. Russian embassy requires these documents as an official evidences. They explain your purpose to visit Russia and complete your visa application.

For Russian visa, you need the following supporting documents:

    • Valid passport (Your international identity)
    • Latest picture (as per the defined size and resolution Russian embassy)
    • Russian Visa Invitation (Visa sponsorship) 
    • Processing charges.

Sometimes they also needs these documents

    • Income certificate
    • Bank statements
    • Medical certificate
    • Evidence of insurance policies

However, this depends on the local  requirements of  every embassy.

Tourist Voucher

Tourist voucher is actually your Russian visa invitation . It is one of the most important document for your Russian tourist visa application. Russian visa invitation serves as a formal welcome letter to Russia. You can get this supporting letter from authorized agents.



While planning your trip as a tourist, ask your travel companies for this letter. Hotel managements also offers this invite while making your  reservations.

Or if you are visiting the family and friends, ask them to arrange this official letter from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Visa Policy for Neighbor Countries of  Russia

Russian tourist visa process is quite easy for neighboring countries. Russia offers visa free entries for traveling and tourism purpose to around 32 countries in the world.

Government allows 90 to 14 days trip to Russia on a valid international identity or passport. Such countries mainly include Brazil, Cuba, Siberia, Hong Kong, Fiji, Thailand, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Tajikistan etc.

Closed Cities of Russia

Their government has closed nearly sixty cities for Russian tourist visa. Because of their defense activities, nuclear projects and internal strategic polices.Some of the cities in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia and Moldova, which are under the control of Russian government, are also closed for tourists.

These cities are completely closed for travel trips. If you want to visit these cities for investment plans. Then, you need official permit and security clearances from Russian Military and federal administration.

Visa Free Visit to Russia

Government offers attractive short visa policies for 3 days trip. For small tour plan to Russia or short excursions plans  like river cruise trips. You can spend here three days without he visa. And can freely moving around as tourist group.

People from Japan, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Italy and other Schengen states can also visit Kaliningrad on a three days plan. Such visitors are issued a 3 days Russian tourist visa on border check points.

Prior to filing the application, always check for the most recent updates about visa limitations. These conditions often varies with government policies.


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